Magnetism Meditation Bracelet

Magnetism Meditation Bracelet


Magnetism Meditation Bracelet high powered hematite bracelet. The ember daily meditation bracelet is used for mental focus, aligning your chi, meditation, prayer, mantra and prayer. Anything from increasing your cashflow or health concerns, the Magnetism Meditation Bracelet is what you should have.


This bracelet represents high vibration, super natural attraction, swift manifestation, and keeping your energy high. Elevating toward the next level. This bracelet is great for mediating on your mindset, elevating your lifestyle, elevating relationships, and anything that you are desiring to take above and beyond.


We, as humans, are designed to reciprocate through repetition. For example, when it was time for you to learn your "ABC's" you had to repeat the alphabet song over and over and over again until you could say it without thought. That is the same magic that is infused in these bracelets and the affirmations that you program into your manifestation. 


For extra guidance you will receive my special booklet "7 Daily Affirmations for Powerful Manifesting" digital download( $50 value) FREE. This guide is a compilation of my favorite affirmations that work when used with your Magnestism Meditation Bracelets. 

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