House or Business Clearing & Blessing

House or Business Clearing & Blessing


Just moved and need your living or work space to be cleared of any unwanted energy? Do you sense something in your home or office? Have you or your staff been bothered by unexplainable activity? 

A professional energy cleansing can help make your living or workspace a positive and safe place to be. Our psychic pedium will come in and complete a detailed walk-through and cleansing while offering any additional advice if necessary. 


(for locations 2,000 sq ft or less) If you have a larger location, please e-mail Charm@SenseScrollCandle for rates.

*This is for the Marion County, FL. area only. If you are outside of this area please e-mail for travel rates.



For Businesses: 

Moving to a new location? Having trouble when working, increasing revenue, focusing, or finding reliable staff? Do you feel a heaviness in the energy around you and your co-workers, and need a lift?


While everything can't be fixed with an energy cleansing, it can provide a major jump start and fresh outlook. This energy cleansing is performed by a real entrantress with pure light filled intentions. 


Businesses & Facilities with issues of staff fogginess, unability to improve revenue, reducing emyployee turn overs or if you are just looking to create a more positive atmosphere, a facility energy cleansing is just the thing.


Once you have placed your order, you will receive a questionarre to help us with creating a customized conjuration

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