Beacon Spell: To Draw Something or Someone to You

Beacon Spell: To Draw Something or Someone to You


Are you seeking that perfect soulmate or the career that is ment for you? Perhaps you need to bring people together for a positive experience..... 


Anytime you need to becon people or tangable things, such as money, this spell will assist you in your endeavors. Working with the universe and maintaining the "free-will" of everyone involved is important. This is not ment to control or make someone do something, but simply send out a beacon of attraction to give fate a little push.


Be sure to include (in detail) who or what you are beckoning. You will receive an email with an HD photo of your spell before & after it has been cast. You will also receive a list of oils and herbs and crystals that were used to enhance your Beacon Spell.


"There is little Magic in All of Us!"

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