"...a place for anyone to find what they are looking for, a place of endless possibilities!"

When you make up your mind you want something, all the obstacles seem to vanish.

Sense, Scroll & Candle was opened for the purpose of providing an open door to anyone who i


There are gifts everywhere if you're ready to receive them.

Real magic takes time and love.

They're here so we can help them.

I think you just need to keep searching for the right inspiration.

You're an excellent listener.  You hear what people need and you help them find it.

I never throw a good thing away.

Things are rarely as they first appear.

I have a feeling I need to keep my doors open for awhile.

Sometimes nonsense makes the most sense.

Be careful what you believe because that is the world that you'll create for yourself.

Try looking for the best in people.  See where it leads you.

We get a little restless when we aren't moving forward.

There's room...there's lots of room.  You just have to know where to look.

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